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An affluent suburb with lots of land and privacy.

Welcome to Dover

An affluent suburb with lots of land and privacy

Located approximately 15 miles southwest of Boston, Dover has a population of 6,279 and has mostly one-acre residential zoning.

What to Expect

Rural Feel, High Rated Schools

Dover is a spread out community with acre plus lots and is the #2 most affluent town in Massachusetts (Wikepedia 2019).

The Lifestyle

Active and Outdoorsy

Noanet Woodlands offers more than 17 miles of shady trails and woods roads for walking, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and horseback riding. Enjoy leisurely strolls, mountain biking, and birding – you might even hike to the top of Noanet Peak for terrific views of the Boston skyline.

Unexpected Appeal

Horse farms and bridle trails

If you are an equestrian, Dover is the place for you. Dover offers many boarding, riding and training facilities

The Market

Larger estates and welcoming neighborhoods

The Dover market is pricey but you can get more space and land than in many neighboring suburbs.

You'll Fall in Love With

One Traffic Signal

Yes - there is only one traffic light in Dover which makes grabbing lunch at popular Dover Cafe a must!

Here are some links to provide you with additional information on Dover and its many community services and organizations:

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